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Passionate yet humble, SangwhaXR's leaders drive growth by keeping the needs of customers, partners and employees top of mind.

Dream and Feel for reaching your imagination!

Ideation and Technologies create fun!

SangwhaXR entertainment solutions!

Open a theme park in your space!

About us

SangwhaXR is a robotic smart factory that cares about life quality. We believe Brands. Our goal is to deliver unique experiences. Our ideas to provide our clients with our products to help their consumers feel and identify their life in new and exciting ways. We connect ideas and technologies.

Our approach is to empower ideas through cutting-edge technology. We emphasize the use of new trends and technology-based robotic solutions to realize that break the mold of traditional entertainment and life quality. We believe technology has the power to take conventional ideas and turn them into something exceptional.

SangwhaXR is a one stop

As the only vertically integrated company in the industry, we offer sophisticated integration of hardware, software, and custom content to ensure project delivery, installation and operation.

Our success counts on teamwork

We play the parts of creative artists, 3D animators, software and mechanical engineers, and sales and marketing teams, all working under one roof in the heart of Randi. Our philosophy: Make your company full of fun and challenge you can enjoy.


What is the difference between other companies?

Gaining Superiority of Entertainment zone

Superiority #1. Futuristic entertainment

Introducing futuristic amusement items is in high rareness

Superiority #2. Whole Family

Designing the Entertainment zone for whole family members

Component of entertainment zone

Category #1. High tech & Extreme

For adult man and young couples who willing to challenge new experience and accept to trendy tech well.

Category #2. 3D Entertainment

For adult women and kids
who get used to the 3D VR games and want to enjoy futuristic tech added game together.

Category #3. Exciting Sport

For kids who willing to do physical sports with game

The concept of entertainment zoning

Incredibly Enjoyable Experience.
Go beyond your Imagination!

SangwhaXR promises to offer the most special experience by pursuing a mysterious space, an exciting space, and a pleasant retail space that anyone can enjoy.
Based on our specialized robot platform technology, we are running our own theme park and we can provide various VRs, experiential attractions and retail robots through incessant R&D and manufacturing by ourselves.
It is a robot platform solution company that provides one-stop platform design, financial services and strategic investment.

Design your value with robotics.