Robot VR

Robot VR

Robot VR performs highly accurate, seamless movement of perfectly synchronized VR contents with no limitation on degrees of motion providing the other worldly experience of G-Force by shooting and dropping riders 7 meters up and down, multi-degrees. 

Robot VR

Robot VR is a new concept model based on SangwhaXR's original and creative manufacturing know-how.

Theme Park's main attraction solution

  • Theme Park’s main attraction
  • Provides the highest level of fun and interesting

Various Theme experience available

  • Experience various contents at desired point
  • based on the universal box of robot

Gravity + VR

  • Provides a perfect experience
  • that maximizes immersion without VR motion sickness
  • by giving physical stimulus at the same time

Proven stability and durability

  • Robot technology and media technology combine
  • to provide precise stability and robust durability

High ROI to Investment Efficiency

  • 12 times per hour × 10 hours per day
  • Maximum 960 persons per day
  • 2,880 passengers can be boarded at the time of the 3rd stage
  • (One round trip time 5 minutes, based on 8 passengers)

Space efficiency

  • Installed space per unit
  • less than 30 pyeong
  • When synchronized between robots
  • less than 65 pyeong needed for 3 robots

Passenger(s) per ride

Weight 8,450kg

Proprietary Software

4 Available Contents

play time 2:30~4:30


Samsung Gear VR & Mobile Device

Physical Specifications

Dimension   W3,900 x D3,900 x H4,000

Min/Space Requirement W9,000 x D9,000 xH6,300

Weight4.1ton / Payload per sqm 1.0ton / m2

Electrical Requirements

Power consumption - 20KW(System)/4KW(Control Panel)

Input Voltage  -  3P4W 380V(System)/1P220V(Control Panel)

Installation & Commission



Free training on-site available(Prior to installation)


12months Factory Warranty

Maintenance service within the warranty period is included

May purchase warranty plus at additional cost (T.B.D)


FOB Korea

Remote Diagnosis & Support

Via built-in modem / Internet or phone

Technical Drawing


Everland-Robot VR

If you think cutting-edge IT solutions and leisure resorts are a world apart, think again. Everland, Korea’s biggest theme park, is continuing its transition into the digital age with yet another high-tech-based attraction: Robot VR.

Robot VR -  KVRF Sketch

ROBOT VR is the best content created by Sanghwa's unique technology and creative know-how

Robot VR Ride

The Open Satisfaction Survey found that Robot VR offers a new differentiated experience, high-quality graphics, and driving in the city center were overwhelming.