Samsung Everland

Samsung Everland

Everland and Sangwha set the renewal direction together to position the resort and introduced an innovative approach through Sangwha’s technical know-how, media production and visual implementation for six months.

Project Zoning_ Case 1

Sangwha developed the World's First Multiplayer 3D interactive Shooting Game at Everland. Transform the old ride into a 3D shootinggame utilizing future media solutions. Shooting Ghost, a game where users aboarda four-passenger indoor car shoot ghost hologramsthat appear in every direction. Everlandapplied 3D location tracking technology to recreate its 15-year-oldride as Shooting Ghost.

Project Zoning _ Case 2

Sangwha is developing another multimedia show that is waling experince at Everland. Rotating House, a story about real Fantasy Magic school where users walks around and experience variety fantasy world through multimedia show as 3D projection mapping and media walls.


Everland Robot VR
Everland Gyro VR - The Invasion Begins
Everland Panda World Friendship Center
Everland Rotating House Renewal